Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you teach American Heart Association guidelines?2019-09-18T11:54:13-06:00


Do your classes come with certification?2019-09-18T11:55:00-06:00

Yes, all classes come with a 2 year certification card.

When you have the CPR and First aid classes, can I just do CPR?2019-09-18T11:55:39-06:00

Yes, CPR is always first, so come when the class starts. There is an option for that on the registration.

What is the website for the online classes?2019-09-18T11:57:29-06:00

You will need to go to the American Heart Association Online Class Website

Can I just show you my certificate from the online class on my phone?2019-09-18T11:58:47-06:00

No. You must have a printed copy to send to American Heart. If you have printing issues, please call.

How long is the skills check off?2019-09-18T11:59:20-06:00

The skills check off’s are usually 30 mins long.

Can I do the CPR and First aid class online and do a skills check off too?2019-09-18T12:08:52-06:00

Yes, you may.  You go to the same website, onlineaha.org and Go to Courses>Heartsaver> First Aid CPR AED.  The skills check off for that class is the same price and same amount of time.

How old does my child need to get certification?2019-09-18T12:09:33-06:00

All students must be at least 12 Years Old to attend any class and acquire certification.

Do you accept checks?2019-09-18T12:10:35-06:00

Yes, but NO Out of State checks.

Do I need to register for a class or can I just show up?2019-09-18T12:11:33-06:00

You need to Register for the class, there are a limited no. of students that can attend each class.